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France, Britain and Russia

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Q: What countries included the triple entente alliance before world war 1?
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The triple entente alliance included which countries before world war 1?

Great Britian, France, and Russia

What were the 2 alliance groups formed before world war 1?

The Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente. The triple alliance included Germany, Austria Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. The triple Entente included Great Britain, France and Italy.. ^^ this isn't actually true. The triple alliance comprised of Germany, Austro-Hungary (a then-amalgamation of Hungary and austria), Italy and, later, the Ottoman Empire (now Turkey). The Triple Entente contained Great Britain, France, and Russia.

Is it true or false Italy secretly left the Triple Alliance and joined the Triple Entente shortly before World War 1?

It is true that Italy secretly left the Triple Alliance and joined the Triple Entente shortly before World War I. The Triple Entente was an alliance among France, Britain and Russia after the signing of the Anglo-Russian Entente of 1907.

Which countries wasn't in the triple entente?

Germany, Austria-Hungary,and the Ottoman Empire was in the Triple Entente before the war. After the war, only Germany and Austria-Hungary are fighting against the Triple Alliance. the Ottoman Empire(or Italy) went to the Triple Alliance side during the war.

What were the central and allies called before the war?

The Central powers were known before the war as the Triple alliance and before the war the Allies were known as the triple entente.

Alliances before World War 1?

Three Emperors League Triple alliance Alliance of the three emperors Russian-Germ reinsurance treaty Russian-french alliance anglo french entente anglo Russian agreement Triple entente

What were the central powers and the allies called before the war?

the central powers were known before the war as the triple alliance and before the war the allies were known as the triple entente

Who was in the Triple Entente before the start of World War 1?

For example, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy formed the Triple Alliance, promising to aid each other in case of war. France, Russia, and Great Britain formed a looser alliance called the Triple Entente.

Italy's alliance in the Treaty of Versailles?

Italy was first part of the triple alliance (Germanys side) but late change to the triple entente (Britains side) just before the end of the war

Which countries formed the triple entente?

Britain, France and Russia formed the Triple Entente. Before this in 1904, Britain and France had signed the Entente Cordial and in 1907, Britain and Russia signed the Anglo-Russian.

Were the Germans the allies or the central powers?

Before WWI Germany made the triple-alliance with Italy and Austria-Hungary. Bulgaria and the Ottoman empire joined the alliance, against the Entente with UK, France and Russia. Other countries joined the Entente too. When Italy swapped sides in 1915, the remainder of the German war alliance was called the central powers. In WWII the term "the allies" was used about those fighting with the UK against the Axis powers (Germany, Italy and Japan, with their collaborators).

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