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White Russians were an opponent of the Bolsheviks, and a supporter of the Czar, during the Russian Revolution.

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Q: What group supported czar Nicholas II during the Russia civil war?
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Which group supported Czar Nicholas II during the Russian Civil War?

During the Russian Civil War that began in late 1917, the group that supported Czar Nicholas II was generally known as the 'White' Russians. In contrast to the Communist 'Reds,' the 'Whites' advocated either a monarchical government for Russia or, at the very least, a non-Communistic ruling power.

Which group supported Czar Nicholas the second during the Russian Civil War?

The White Army.

What group supported Czar Nicholas 2 during the Russian Civil War?

The White Army supported the Czar and the Red Army supported the Communists.

What despotic European power was a strong supporter of the Union during the Civil War?

Russia supported the Union during the US Civil War.

Who was Tsar Nicholas II of Russia?

Tsar Nicholas II of Russia was the last Tsar (King) of the Russian Empire he was killed in 1917 during the Russian Civil War when he was ordered killed with his family by Vladimir Lenin first leader of the USSR (soviet union)

Did the Western Powers supported the Bolsheviks during the Russian Civil War?

ANSWER No they didn't. They instead sent to Russia military forces which fought against the Bolsheviks.

Who supported the parliament during the civil war?


How was Russia after the execution of Tsar Nicholas II?

Civil War - rebuilding of Russian Empire (as USSR)

What did an abolitonist do during the Civil War?

An Abolitionist supported the abolition or end of slavery during the US Civil War.

What best describes the civil war in Russia?

The White Army was supported by many western powers.

Who was Czar Nicholas?

There were two Czars named Nicholas. Czar Nicholas I ruled Russia from 1825 to 1855. Most notably, he ruled during the Crimean War but died before it ended. The more famous of the two, Czar Nicholas II, the grandson of Nicholas I, ruled Russia from 1894 to 1917. His fame came from being the last of the Romanov Czars when he abdicated the throne during the February Revolution of 1917 in Russia. In July 1918, during the Russian Civil War, he, the Empress Alexandria and all their children were murdered by forces of Lenin's Red Army in order to prevent their rescue by forces of the opposing Russian White Army.

Englishmen who supported parliament during the English Civil War?


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