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Naziz held the books burnings to "purge" their literature. Books that they burned include the works of Karl Marx, Marc Chagall (a Jewish painter), Sigmund Freud, and Ernest Hemingway. For a more complete list see related link

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Q: What kind of books did the Nazis burn?
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What kind of books were burned and band by the Nazis?

Adeles books and Angels.

How many books did Hitler burn?

Ther were no records kept of the number of books that were burned by the Nazis, but it was probably millions.

What books did the Nazis burn?

Follow the related link below (Lists of Banned Books, 1932-1939) for information on this subject.

Why did the Nazis burn books?

Books provide ideas. They can provide alternative answers to the propaganda, contradicting the things the Nazi's wanted the people to believe. It is one way of controlling the population, controlling what they can know and learn. This meant the public would have no influences for ideas against the Nazis, preventing public rebellion which could cause the Nazis to lose power as the public gained power.

When did the Nazis burn books in World War 2?

The main book burnings took place in May 1933.

What books did Hitler and the Nazis burn?

Hitler banned books written by Jews or anything that attacked German ideals. The University of Arizona has an exhibit.

Why do people burn books?

As the is An Adolf Hitler question. The Nazi's burned the books to show the hatred to the Jews 20,000 books were burned many by Jews and others like si-fi they didint like imagination also albert ensteins works were burnt because he was a Jew. "Where they burn books, at the end they also burn people" 1823 Heinrich Heine shows how right that is about the Nazis

What did the Nazis do with the Jews when they killed them?

Probably burn them!!!

What kind of vehicle did Curious George use to escape Nazis?

There are many stories, books or even films about the escape of Curious George from Nazis. The escape is not real actually but Curious George uses a special car to escape from Nazis.

What would happen if the Jews did not follow the rules?

The Nazis liked to burn all the books as a punishment Sometimes Jews had do believe in another religion as another punishment.

When in history were books where burned or banned?

I think during World War II, Nazis soldiers were ordered to burn books that went against their cause, and if you were caught reading any of the books they banned, you were convicted of treason and either imprisoned or killed.

When did Shi Huangdi burn Confucius's books?

did shi huangdi burn books

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