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The SS carried out the Holocaust and the SS officers obviously played a key role in organizing it.

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Q: What role did the SS Officers play in the Holocaust?
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Who were the people that kill the Jews for the holocaust?

SS Officers and SS Death Squad officers

What did the SS officers do during the Holocaust?

The majority of SS officers fought in the Waffen-SS. Others, however, were in the Totenkopfverbaende and ran the concentration camps and death camps. Many Waffen-SS units comitted appalling atrocities.

Who are the SS during the holocast?

the main role of the SS during the Holocaust was to run the concentration camps.

What was the role of the SS in the Holocaust?

The SS ran the death camps and was also responsible for an enormous number of massacres.

Why did William Heyen write about the Holocaust in almost all of his poems?

As an adult, he discovered his uncles had been SS officers.

Who were the leaders of the Holocaust?

The leader was an ambitouse man named Adolf Hitler, also, Heinrich Himmler ( Head of the SS) played an key involvement in the Holocaust along with some SS men and Officers who were Guards and commanders of the camps.

What role did heinrich himmler play in the Holocaust?

Heinrich Himmler was head of the SS and in overall charge of the concentration camps and extermination camps. He was an intenesly fanatical racist.

Where did most Jews go during the holocaust?

Most Jews was sent to the ghettos and later evacuted by SS officers to concentration camps.

What did the SS have to do with the Holocaust?

The SS ran the concentration camps and extermination camps and organized the holocaust.

What role did the ss play in germany?

The SS was an Organisation which had many aspects. The SS was split into Many branches, Most popular were Waffen-SS An elite military force which had major key roles in German offensives. Also, SS Death Squad, an Squad which worked at the concentration camps and their key role was to coordinate mass murders and punish those who dare who in try to escape. The SS did have a branch for woman. these women were trained t work and mainly to be housewives. The SS had a major key role for Germany, mainly in Warfare and in the Holocaust.

What role did the ss officers in the book night?

they were the "rulers" of th camps and directed the Jews from place to place

What were the SS men in charge of?

The Schutzstaffel (SS for short) was in charge of protecting Hitler and played the key role in carrying out the Holocaust. Please see the related question.

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