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Q: What was the average age of Vietnamese soldiers in the Vietnam War?
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What kind of soldiers went to the Vietnam war?


Were the soldiers of the Vietnam war respected after the war?

In America. the American soldiers? No. In Vietnam - the Vietnamese Viet-Cong? Yes.

How many Vietnamese soldiers and civilians were killed in the Vietnam war?

2 million vietnamese civilians were killed 1,850,000 Vietcong soldiers were killed 1,087,000 South Vietnam soldiers were killed So a total of sbout 5 million Vietnamese soldiers and civilians were killed during the Vietnam war

How many North Vietnamese soldiers participated in the Vietnam war?

Approximately 340,000 soldiers.

Did American soldiers harm Vietnamese children in the Vietnam war?

There are examples of harm done by soldiers in the My Lai incident.

How did the V Vietnam war effect the vietnamese?

How did the Vietnam war effect the Vietnamese

How many different weapons were used by vietnamese soldiers during the Vietnam war?

North or South Vietnamese? They used different equipment.

How many US Soldiers married Vietnamese Women during the Vietnam War?

See website: War Bride

What were the communist rebels called?

North Vietnamese soldiers were referred to as the NVA (North Vietnamese Army) by the GI's in Vietnam, during the war. Southern Communist soldiers living in South Vietnam and fighting in South Vietnam, were called the Viet Cong (VC).

What were the Vietnamese soldiers called?

During the Vietnam war, the army of men trying to overthrow the South Vietnamese government were widely known as the Viet Cong by American soldiers and their allies.

How many vietnamese died in the Vietnam war?

3,800,000 Vietnamese people died in the Vietnam war.

How many soldiers served in the North Vietnamese Army during the Vietnam War?

At least a million during the course of the war.

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