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There were actually multiple sunken cruisers in World War 2. These include the Abukuma sunk 26 October 1944 and the Admiral Scheer sunk 9 April 1945.

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Q: What was the cruise ship sunken in World War 2?
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What was the civilian cruise ship sank in World War 2?


In 1915 with the sinking of a british ship that resulted in the lost of 128 Americans the US leaning toward war in Europe what was the name of the sunken ship?

Lusitania was the name of the sunken ship.

What was the ship that was bombed to get the us involved in World War 1?

The British cruise liner Lusitania

Did the German submarines sink a US civilian ship in World War 2?

they sank the cruise ship because the thought it was carying aminition.

Where are the sunken ships of World War 2?

All over the world. Michael Montagne

What German actions led to the united states to enter the world war 1?

The Germans attacked and sunk a cruise ship with U-boats (submarines) American passengers on that ship

What was the average cruise speed with full load in N Atlantic of a liberty ship of World War 2?

Between 20-25 knots.

Which Cruise Ships where sunk during World War 2?

Old Answer: Lusitania was the ship that was sunk in World War 1 on the 1st May 1915, but I don't know about World War 2. New Answer: The Athenia was sunk by the German's in 1939.

On what island of Hawaii was the USS Arizona sunken during world war 2?

Oahu Oahu

What ship was in Vietnam war?

The world's last all gun battleship (no cruise missiles), the Iowa class USS New Jersey was the world's only active battleship in 1968, and the only battleship to see action in the Vietnam War.

How did sebmarine warfare help lead the US into World War 1?

amrican deaths on the sunken ships

One reason for US involvement in World War 1 was because what boat was sunken?

The (RMS) Lusitania.

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