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The triple entente was called the Central Powers. The triple alliance was called the Allied Powers.

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Q: What was the triple entente called after world war 1 began?
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What was the groups called in World War I?

The groups that where in the world war 1 are called The Triple Alliance and The Triple Entente.

In 1903 the British French and Russians formed an alliance called?

Triple Entente.

Which group did the US eventualli side with in world war 1?

The Triple Entente.

Which group did the United states eventually side with in world war 1?

The triple entente

What are the triple entente and triple alliance?

The Triple Entente and Alliance are the two pre-World War I alliances. The Triple Entente was formed by France, Russia and Britian. The Traiple Alliance was Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy.

What was the agreement between Britain Russia and France called in World War 1?

Triple entente.

What was the World War 1 agreement between Britain Russia and France called?

Triple entente.

What is the Triple Entente?

what i have read the triple entente was part of world war one and included Great Britain, France and Russia

Who was in world war1?

Germany, Austria-Hungry and Italy were called the Triple Alliance or Central Powers. France , Russia, and Great Britain were the Allies or the Triple Entente (entente in French means agreement)

Who was the triple entente in world war 2?

Russia, Germany and France was the Entente in WWII

Who are the Entente in World War I?

The triple entente consisted of France, Russia, and Britain in WWI

What is the triple entente in the World War 1?

The Triple Entente was an alliance during WWI between Britain, France, and Russia. The Triple Entente is a different from the Triple Alliance which was between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy.

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