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The United States wasn't involved until later in the war. They didn't join until after Pearl Harbor in 1941 (December 7). Then the US was focused mainly on Japan but later became involved with liberating Jews from concentration camps. This was their primary role during the Holocaust. So to sum it up, the US was one of the main liberators of camps during the holocaust.

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Q: What was the us role of the Holocaust?
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What happened in the US during the Holocaust?

During the Holocaust, Americans had a role in liberating concentration camps and fighting with the Allies.

What role did the Allies play in the Holocaust?

They ended the Holocaust. It was the Axis who had a role in it.

What was Hitler's youth's role in the Holocaust?

Hitler didn't have a youth role in the Holocaust. He was an adult at the time. His role as leader of Germany was central, of course.

What role did Hitler have in the Holocaust?

He was the leader of Germany and the one who masterminded the Holocaust.

What role did Nuremberg laws have in the Holocaust?

very little, they were a precursor to the Holocaust.

How did the Holocaust play a role for Israel?

The Holocaust gave Zionism an increased support.

What role did the Nuremberg trails play in the holocaust?

The Nuremberg trials were post Holocaust.

What role did Great Britain play in the Holocaust?

Great Britain was a bystander in the Holocaust.

What role did the SS Officers play in the Holocaust?

The SS carried out the Holocaust and the SS officers obviously played a key role in organizing it.

What was Germany's role in the Holocaust?

It created and operated it.

How was the Holocaust the fault of the US?

The Holocaust was not the fault of the US! It is sometimes said that the US and their Allies did not do much (or anything) to stop the Holocaust. See the related question.

What role did Adolf Hitler play in the Holocaust?

Hitler was the the dictator (boss) of Germany and was responsible for the Holocaust.

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