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With respect, a country that fights in a war is notneutral.

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Q: What were neutral countries that fought in World War 2?
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What countries were neutral in World War 1?

Countries that were neutral in World War 1:EthiopiaNetherlandNorwayPersiaSpainSwedenSwitzerlandVenezuela

The countries that were and neutral?

Countries in Europe that were Neutral in World War I:NorwaySwedenDenmarkNetherlandsSwitzerlandSpain

What countries was World War 1 fought in?

Like anybody cares what countries world war1 was fought am I right?

How many countries involved in 2nd world war?

In total 35 countries fought in world war 2 but there were few neutral countries.Heres a list of themAlliesSoviet UnionUnited StatesUnited KingdomChinaFrancePolandCanadaAustraliaIndiaYugoslaviaGreeceBelgiumNetherlandsNew ZealandNorwaySouth AfricaBrazilMexicoCzechoslovakiaMongoliaPhillipinesAxisGermanyJapanItalyHungaryRomaniaBulgariaFinlandThailandIraqManchukuoItalian Social Republic ItalyCroatiaPhilippinesSlovakia

World War II neutral countries?

Neutral countries were Switzerland, Sweeden, Portugal, Spain, and Ireland

What were the two countries that fought in world war 1?

The two countries that fought in World War I were Germany and England and when that war ended was November 11,1918. That is when Veterans Day is today.

What countries were neutral in World War 2?

These countries were neutral during the Second World War:Eire (Republic if Ireland)SwedenSwitzerlandSpainAfghanistanPortugalDenmark was officially neutral but was occupied by Germany throughout the war.Some countries in the Americas remained neutral until the closing few months of the war. These included Chile and ArgentinaAlso you can add Andorra, Guatemala, Liechtenstein, Saudi Arabia and Yemen to the list.While the Northern Irish fought on the Allied side, the remainder of Ireland stayed neutral.

Was countries fought in world war 1?


Countries fought in World War 1?


Who never fought in World War 2 in Europe?

Swizerland, totally Neutral.

How do you use the word neutral in a sentence about War World 1?

Many countries were neutral during World War I, like Switzerland.

Why was Norway neutral in World War 2?

Norway wasn't...we were taken by the germans, but we fought against them...Sweden was neutral

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