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Malnutrition, physical labor, and the stress during the Holocaust caused many effects on the people. These effects lasted for many years after the war. Some of these effects were headaches, depression gastrointestinal issues, fatigue, and moodiness.

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Q: What were some affects of malnutrition during the holocaust?
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Who were the Jews that were persecuted during the Holocaust?

Every Jew was persecuted in some way during the Holocaust.

What were some fears during the holocaust?


What are some symbols of the Holocaust?

The Star of David is a symbol of Jewish persecution during the Holocaust.

What were some inventions invented during the Holocaust?


What were some diseases during the Holocaust?

typus and dysentery

How did some people try to prevent the Holocaust?

Some people helped individuals during the Holocaust. Nobody tried to 'prevent the Holocaust' - even the Allies did not try to do that.

Did Jews try to escape during the holocaust?

some did, some didn't.

Where were some safe houses during the holocaust?

some were in Germany, some were in Holland.

What did people die of during the Holocaust?

The majority of Holocaust victims were murdered - by gassing and by deliberate malnutrition. (They were forced to do hard labour on very little food). In some parts of Eastern Europe, the Nazis also conducted mass shootings. They were also killed by disease. There were some that went into hiding such as Anne Frank, and some were found. There are still Holocaust survivors today. Anne Frank and her sister Margot Frank were killed the same way their mom died. Disease. Otto Frank was the only Frank that survived the Holocaust.

Did some of the Germans get betrayed by others during the holocaust?


What were some of the diseases Jews had during the Holocaust?

Typhus and cholera.

Who helped the gypsies during the holocaust?

It was some germans and some Jews that were not occupied.

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