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The counties that fought against the Nazis or Germans were the allies: America, China, Russia, Britain, and France

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Q: What were the countries that fought against the Nazi's?
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What countries fought against the Nazis army?

Some of the main countries against the Nazis were Britain, Greece, America, And all the other countries surrounding Germany. Italy joined the Allies later on when they saw that the Axis was losing.

What countries were allied with the nazis in world war 2?

The countries that were allied with the Nazis in World War 2 were Japan and Italy, but Italy fought against the Nazis with the Allies towards the end of the war.

Who fought against the Nazis?

The Allies and some anti-nazi groups like the "White Rose" group fought against the Nazis.

Were there Germans fought against fellow Germans in World War 2?

In a way, yes. German immigrants and decendants of German immigrants in other countries fought against the Nazis in World War II.

What countries fought against the Ottomans?

Greece, Russia, and Serbia were the countries who fought against the Ottoman's.

What countries fought against Hitler?

U.S.A, Russia, France, U.K. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and citizens of every nation overrun by the Nazis.

What are some battles that hungry fought in during World War 11?

The Hungarians were on the Axis side of the war. They fought with the Nazis in Operation Barbarossa and were in the Battle of Stanlingrad too. They fought in some battles in Hungary and I think Poland too. They turned against the Nazis at the end of the war. They fought against them in the Lake Balatan Offensive and the Russians as they went against the Nazis on the Eastern Front.

How did resistance figthers fight the Nazis?

The Underground Resistance Network fought the Nazis. They did a phenomenal job too. In Italy they fought them overtly. The French Resistance did that too and took Paris back themselves once the Allies landed. The other countries had to conduct covert methods of conducting actions against the Nazis but that was needed badly too.

What countries fought against israel?


Who fought the battle in World War 2?

It was England against Germany. But many other countries were involved like how America helped England. Japan And Italy helped Germany. It was Nazis against Jewish People.

Britain's role in world war 2?

They fought against Germany and the Nazis to stop Hitler.

In world war 2 were all of the countries within Europe taken over by Hitler?

Not all all. Britain fought against the Nazis, Sweden aided but not militarily, Portugal was independent, Switzerland collaborated but never fought. Russia was invaded but never conquered. Spain was fascist but never fought. Italy, France, Hungary, Romania had various levels of control by Nazis.

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