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It was a economic prosperity

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Q: What were the effects of the civil war on the North?
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What effects did the Civil War have on the north after the war?

After the Civil War the North began to industrialize more in response to the increased need of goods durring the war. This increased jobs and prosperity in the North.

What were the major economic effects of the Civil War on the North and South?


What are some effects in the civil war?

The effects of the civil war is by weapons.

What were the effects that the civil war had on the north?

The federal states and union were redefined predominantly in the north after the Civil War. Also, the abolition of slavery was felt first in the north and was much less resented by northern citizens. The north also experienced an economic boom.

Did the north win the Civil War?

Yes, the north won the Civil War.

The north or the south win the Civil War?

The north won the civil war.

What are the effects of john Harpers raid on Harpers ferry?

civil war civil war civil war

What were the effects of the civil war on the North and South?

The Civil War had a very bad effect on both the North and the South. Many cities in the South had to be rebuilt from the ground up. Many people in the South moved to the North and it caused major overcrowding.

What was the north called in the Civil War?

In the civil war, the North was called the Union.

Effects on the north of the civil war?

north mess up a little of things but since they had a lot of stuff the didn't mess up that much

What was the economic impact of the Civil War?

The economic consequences of the Civil War are largely due to Northern control of the federal government during and after the war. It stimulated the industrial revolution in the North. The effects were devastating in the South.

Why did the north win the civil war-?

The North won the Civil War by General Lee from the South surrendered to the North.

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