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The Cold War involved two very large alliances, but the main countries which were are the center of those opposing alliances were the United States of America, and the Soviet Union.

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Q: What were the two countries that opposed each other during the Cold War?
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What two countries opposed each other in the cold war?

the soviet union and the U.S.

Which were the two world powers opposed to each other during the Cold War?

ussr and the us of a

What were the capitalist countries during the cold war?

Russia and some other countries. Find out for yourself.

How did the countries threaten each other during the cold war?

They threatened each other with Nuclear War.

Did the US attack other countries during the Cold War?

No. It was called the cold war because there was no overt action on either side.

What two countries where mad at each other during the cold war?

The Soviet Union and The United States

Why was the Soviet Union able to invade and control so many Eastern European countries during the Cold War?

cause it was cold so people where cold and other were warm

What countries were unaligned during the cold war?


What two ideologies were at war with each other during the Cold War?

Democracy and Communism were the two ideologies that were at war with each other during the Cold War. The two primary countries in the war were the United States and the Soviet Union.

What two countries were the world powers that competed during the cold war?

The USA and USSR competed during the cold war

Why did the US intervene in other countries during the cold war?

Because the U.S. felt as one of the most powerful countries in the world, they had to help other countries and help other people who's government doesn't stand for freedom as much as they should.

What European countries were capitalist during the cold war?


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