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In Vietnam, napalm was first used against buildings. Later on, this was used as an anti-personnel weapon that sticks to skin and caused severe burns.

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Q: When was napalm first used in Vietnam?
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What bomb was used in the Vietnam war?


What were the first uses of napalm in Vietnam?

The US used napalm which was a mixture of petrol and a chemical thickner which produces a though sticky gel that attaches itself to the skin.

Why was napalm used in Vietnam war?

napalm was used in Vietnam because Vietnam's forests were thick and would not burn with regular fire. cutting down forests would take months on end. the solution..the military killed viet cong and there forests with napalm.

What type of WMD was used by the US in the Vietnam war?


Where was napalm used?

napalm was used in Germany and japan, vietnam, and Korea. napalm was not used in enduring freedom or in modern warfare due to being to lethal and inflicting unnecessary punishment on civilian who would come into contact with napalm

What was used to kill people in the Vietnam war?

Napalm bombs were used in the Vietnam War and killed a lot of people.

What is napalm and how was it used in the Vietnam war?

Napalm is an incendiary and it was used to reduce the amount of coverage the Viet Cong had when employing guerrilla tactics in battle.

Where was napalm used in the Vietnam war?

USN riverine battleships (Monitors) dispersed (shot) napalm from their vessels turrets along the rivers in South Vietnam. USN, USMC, USAF jets dropped napalm (incendiary) bombs all over South Vietnam.

How was the use of napalm part of the larger American strategy to win the war in Vietnam?

Napalm was Used in the increased American air strikes on communist forces throughout Vietnam.

Were napalm bombs used in the Vietnam War?

Napalm was used in the Vietnam war. Operation Rolling Thunder was backed up by the phosphorous and napalm bombs It caused a great deal suffering in Vietnam giving many innocent civilians dreadful burns. Also, during the Tet Offensive Napalm was used in Khe Sahn in Operation Niagra to try to stop the offensive of the NVA on the military compound.

Two chemical weapons used in Vietnam war?

napalm and agent orange

Was napalm used in the Korean War?

Napalm, (a jellied gasoline air dropped bomb that sticks to objects and people and burns them), was used in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq.

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