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Actually, if one is talking about a single case where the most soldiers surrendered at one time, then several of the mass surrenders of Russian troops early on during Operation Barbarossa likely qualify; several hundred thousand (perhaps as many as half a million) Russian soldiers were captured/surrendered during that time period, as they were encircled, cut off, and ultimately pounded into submission by the attacking Germans.

Other mass surrenders happended during WW2, including that of the German 6th Army at Stalingrad (91,000+), Tunisia (surrender of the Afrika Corps & Italian forces: 230,000+), and the Surrender of France in 1940 (1 million+)

However, there have been surrenders of various besieged cities throughout history that have exceeded even this large number, if one includes all the civilians in the besieged city in the surrender count.

The surrender of all German armed forces at the end of World War 2 was the largets surrender ever. Germany surrendered over 6 million individuals still under arms.

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Q: Where was the worlds biggest military surrender?
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