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communism which America feard would spread to them

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Q: Who started the Vietnam war North or South Vietnam?
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Who started the Vietnam war America or Vietnam?

North Vietnam started the war against South Vietnam; the US went to the aid of the South.

What started the war between the North and South?

For the US Civil War, the South started the war. For the Vietnam War, the North started the war. Plaese Give More Facts.Thats not the answer to what started the war(!)

Did the north or the south fire the first shot in the Vietnam war?

There was no Fort Sumter for the Vietnam War; the war started like a grew.

Which north American leader started the Vietnam war?

None. North Vietnam's leadership started it when they began "infiltrating" their forces into South Vietnam in 1955. North American (US) leadership simply responded to it.

What year was it when theVietnam war started?

The Vietnam War Started Cause south Vietnam liked Cheese and was taking all of it and North Vietnam didnt get any. the year it stared was 1955

Who attack Vietnam during the war?

Vietnam is a country that is divided was in two, North and South. North and South Vietnam was in war with each other. I forgot what the the war was about. I believe is was slavery. When the war started South Vietnam ask the US to help them and so they did. I believe the war lasted 12 years before South Vietnam stopped the war by quiting. Colin, 12 years old

How was the Vietnam War concluded?

North Vietnam defeated the South (or the North conquered the South).

How did Vietnam feel about the Vietnam war?

Which Vietnam? North or South?

Which one won in Vietnam war?

North Vietnam defeated South Vietnam; the North won the war.

Where is north Vietnam?

There no longer is a North Vietnam, North Vietnam and South Vietnam were joined together after the Vietnam War.

Were was the Vietnam war held?

Then in North and South Vietnam.

What are major characteristics of the Vietnam war?

Air war over North Vietnam. Ground war in South Vietnam; Riverine war in South Vietnam.

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