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I found this on the internet, but I have not verified it. Curt-Erwin Wüsthoff was born on 27 January 1898. He made his first flight sometime in September/October 1914 --- 16 3/4 years old. When he was sent to the front, they did not let him fly, probably because it would not be good to the morale of the troops to lose someone that young. British Ace Albert Ball was born on August 14, 1896. One reference book states that he qualified as a pilot on October 1915. Other references say it was Janyary 1916 (or age 19-1/2). At 19 years of age, he was assigned to his squadron. When he was shot down on 7 May 1917, he was the leading Allied ace with 44 victories at age 20. Not the youngest, but he looked like a teenager. That is a hard question to research.

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Q: Who was the youngest pilot in World War 1?
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