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Congress rejcted wilsons fourteen point peace plan because they werent even part of ww1 and did not want to become included in it. Also, they were so used to isolationism that they disagreed with what was stated in his plan. I hope i helped :)

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2011-03-12 22:07:29
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Q: Why did Congress reject Wilson's 14 Point Peace Plan?
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Truman's 21 point program submitted to Congress on September 6 1945?

Fair Deal

Was the Vietnam war an official war?

No. Congress did not declare war and that the was point many protesters against the war argued about. They considered it an illegal war.

How does the lame- duck period limit the president 's ability to influence domestic policymaking in congress?

From a layman's point of view, a "lame-duck" president would be a president that everybody (including congress) simply ignored. He's there just to fill a space, until someone better comes along.

Why was the league of nations so important to president Wilson?

Wilson had formulated his famous "Fourteen Points" in 1918, intended to secure peace, arrange for an orderly establishment of new nations to replace the now fallen Axis Empires, and prevent future wars. His fourteenth point was the establishment of a "general association of nations" to enforce the other thirteen points and as a place where future conflicts between nations would be solved by arbitration instead of war. So basically, the League of Nations was Wilson's baby. His efforts to get it off the ground and to make the US join the League earned Wilson a Nobel Peace Prize, but in the end he could not get the US to join, because Congress feared that the League's articles of association (especially Article X) could at a future point draw the US into a war against its will.

Why do some people feel that is is unlikely that a lasting peace could have been created at the end of world war 1?

I won't directly answer your question but I'll point you in the right direction. Look into what happened to Germany after the war.

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Why did the allies rejected wilsons 14 peace plan?

The allies had nothing to gain from Wilson's 14 point plan of peace. They wanted the Germans to pay for all the damage they caused.

What is the most southerly point in The Australian Mainland?

Wilsons Promontory

What was president wilsons plan to eliminate the causes of war?

14 point plan

Why was the Congress of Vienna a turning point in European history?

The Congress of Vienna was a turning point because it introduced the concept of working together to maintain peace. The Concert of Europe was established, with the European countries working together (in harmony) to retain peace and suppress uprisings in order to maintain the balance of power. Never before had there been such a long period of relative peace, especially with all of the nations working together.

What part of wilsons fourteen points was saved?

The League of Nations was the only point that made it into the treaty.

Why did woodrows wilsons Fourteen Points fail?

bc there was an explosion and he never got to fully explain each point

When was Peace Point Entertainment Group created?

Peace Point Entertainment Group was created on 2002-08-13.

How did US President Woodrow Wilson propose to have world peace?

Wilson proposed to have world peace in his 14-point speech he presented to Congress. Another name for the speech was the Woodrow Wilson Doctrine. This ran contrary to the isolationist movement that prevailed in most of the US.

What was Woodrow wilsons plan to avoid another conflict?

14 Point Plan. In that was to be the League of Nations, similar to today's United Nations.

If the null hypothesis is true and the researchers do not reject it then a correct decision has been made?

True because the point of the hypothesis test is to figure out the probability of the null hypothesis being true or false. If it is tested and it is true, then you do not reject but you reject it, when it is false.

Why were Americans against President Wilsons peace plan?

The main point of contention within Wilson's 14 Points was Article 10, which guaranteed territorial integrity and political independence of all members within the League of Nations. Opponents to this plan felt that this condition would force Americans to fight the wars of foreigners. The main senator to object this point was Senator Henry Cabot Lodge. Wilson's peace plan was a failed dream because he could not even get his own people to support it.

What did president woodraw Wilson call his plan for world peace?

14 point peace speech

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