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because he tried to over-throw the government.

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Q: Why did the German government put Hitler in prison?
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Why was Adolf Hitler put in prison in 1923?

He was part of an attempt to overthrow the German government.

Why was Hitler put in jail the first time?

He tried to overthrow the German government, but was unsuccessful.

What made the Nazi believe in Hitler?

The Nazis were soldiers that was formed by Hitler. The German people put their faith in Hitler because he promised to get rid of the communist government they were living under at the time.

What did Hitler put in the German peoples water?

to clean them

What was Hitler put in jail for?

He was part of a plot to overthrow the government. He was tried for high treason in 1924 and sentenced to 5 years on prison. There he and Hess wrote Mein Kampf.

What type of government did Hitler put in place?

A fascist dictatorship.

What dog did Hitler have?

Hitler had a German Shepard dog called Blondie, and during the war Hitler put Blondie down incase the Russians would kill it.

Why was Hitler put in jail after world war 1?

for trying to overthrow the government.

How did Hitler become boss?

After ww1, the German people and government where very depressed and humiliated. Germany later resulted into an economic depression. Hitler started a Nationalistic group and made speeches all around Germany about how he could bring them back to power. The Germans and their govt. turned to dictatorship an put Hitler in charge

How does china's government ensure that people's rights will be protected?

It doesn't. It is a communist government. You do something they don't like you are put in prison or shot.

Who gave Hitler the Iron Cross?

Hugo Guttmann, A German-Jewish Officer and veteran of the Great War. He would later put in and award Hitler the Iron Cross which was only awarded to non enlistment personal in the German Army.

When did Hitler go to prison?

The first time Hitler went to prison was in 1921 when he and his followers disrupted a meeting of the Bayernbund. He was incarcerated for three months.On 8/9 November 1923 Hitler and his followers attempted to overthrow the German Government in what became known as the Beer Hall Putsch. Hitler issued a declaration, which read: Proclamation to the German people! We declare that the Government of the November criminals has been deposed today. A provisional national German government has been formed consisting of Gen Ludendorff, Adolf Hitler, Gen. von Lossow and Col. von Seisser.During the putsch, which was put down on 9 November 1923, 2 soldiers, 4 policemen and 16 Nazis were killed. Hitler escaped injury but Herman Goering, who also participated in the putsch was shot in the thigh and groin (ironically he was taken to the home of a Jewish family, Robert Ballin and his wife, who took him in and nursed his wounds).Hitler's trial began on 26 February 1924, and Hitler was sentenced to five years Festungshaft (literally fortress confinement) for high treason. He only served 9 months though (which isn't even a quatre of what he was meant to keep) , during which time he wrote the first part of his book "Mein Kampf" or "My Struggle" He was also treated like a king in there...

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