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Because it was all going on "over there", and wasn't any of our concern. There were plenty of isolationists who didn't want to face the fact that we live in a world in which we must be involved or we will become irrelevant and eventually replaced.

Germans have wanted to take over Europe and eventually the world on more than one occasion. Both times we allowed them to become too powerful and occupy too many nations before we became involved.

Neutral? The arrival of fresh American troops in WWI made a huge difference.

up to 1917 it selled suplies to both sides the Americans felt no need to get involved in the europeans issue in 1917 Germany said that they would attack every ship that's not German (which means no money for the US) the also sent th zimmerman report to Mexico that said if Mexico atacks the US it could retake its lost teritories


the us did not want to be involved in the war because its population was divided. there were people from german origins and other people from british origins, so america did not want a split inside its terretories.

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Q: Why did the US stay neutral during World War 1?
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