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they thought it favored the northern states

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2011-01-06 01:00:25
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Q: Why did the southern states dislike hamiltons plan?
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What deal helped win support from the southern states in hamiltons debt plan?

He promised to locate the capitol in the south.

What was Alexander hamiltons plan to speed up industrialization in the United states?

increase the population

Who did Hamiltons plan favor?

The Wealthy :)

Why did southerners object to hamiltons plan to pay off Americas war debt?

The purpose of having the Government assume the debts of the States was to show the citizens and the world, that the US Government was going to be economically sound and because the states had fought for every state's independence from Britain, not just their individual state. Southern States opposed the plan because by the time of Washington's inauguration, the Southern States had already paid off their debts.

What states represented the Virginia Plan the new jersey plan and the great compromise?

The bigger states opposed the New Jersey plan and the smaller states opposed the Virginia plan. IDK which states liked/dislike the great compromise.

What was hamiltons plan to repay debt?

Youmad bro?

Why did antifederalists oppose Alexander hamiltons's plan?

Why did Antifederalists oppose Alexander Hamilton's plan

What led Jefferson to oppose Hamiltons plan to promote industry and found a national bank?


Why did some states oppose hamiltons plan to repay the national debt?

They did not benefit from the 'accumulation' of that debt or the decisions causing it, so why should they pay. An early expression of 'states-rights'.

What deal helped to win support Alexander Hamilton's debt plan from southern states?

what deal helped to win the support for alexander hamilton's debt plan from southern states

What concerns did the Southern states have with the Virginia Plan?

The Virginia Plan was a plan purposed by Virginia for a bicameral legislative branch. Other states, some Southern, were opposed to this because of the amount of voters each state would get.

How did Lincoln's plan for Reconstruction treat southern states?


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