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To stop Communist North Vietnam from taking over NON-Communist South Vietnam.

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Q: Why was the US in Vietnam?
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How is Vietnam different from the US?

Vietnam is a communist nation; the US is not.

Where did the US invade Vietnam?

The US never invaded Vietnam.

Did Vietnam beat US in the Vietnam war?

The US has never fought with a nation called "Vietnam."

Why did the Americans make war with Vietnam?

The Americans did not make war with Vietnam. There was no Vietnam. There were two countries: NORTH Vietnam and SOUTH Vietnam. NORTH Vietnam attacked SOUTH Vietnam. The US (Americans) defended SOUTH Vietnam. The US never invaded NORTH Vietnam (the US bombed it though). NORTH Vietnam invaded SOUTH Vietnam. NORTH Vietnam was (and still is) a communist nation. The US was against communism.

Why did the US invade Vietnam?

I don't believe the US did invade Vietnam. The US was an invited participant and adviser in an ongoing conflict between North Vietnam and South Vietnam.

Was the us communist in Vietnam?

No the US was not communist in the Vietnam War. The US fought with South Vietnam against the communist north. and we lost

What was the US connection to South Vietnam during the Vietnam War?

South Vietnam was considered an ally of the US.

Were the US and Vietnam allies before the Vietnam War?

Yes, the US was an ally and protector of the Republic of Vietnam, commonly referred to as South Vietnam. The US was however not an ally of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, commonly referred to as North Vietnam.

Who is the us Vietnam ambassador?

See: Vietnam

WHERE did the US attack the Vietnam war?


How long did the US remain in Vietnam in the Vietnam War?

US Military personnel were in Vietnam from 1955 thru 1975.

What were the US concerned about the development in Vietnam?

The US was concerned about the development of Communism in Vietnam

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