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Training and discipline.

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Q: Why were the Roman army so good at fighting?
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Why did roman soldiers sandals have studs on them?

The roman sandals would have studs in them to provide grip when fighting and marching.

What made rome so strong?

Rome was strong because of its army. The ancient Roman army has been called the greatest fighting machine that the world had ever seen.

How was the Roman army so organised?

the roman army was so success full because they had plenty of armour and weapons

Why was the roman army so good?

because they were so organized.because there were so many different positions.because they had the best weapons.because they had the best training.

Why was Harold godwin so famous?

Because he claimed the throne once, he has a great army. He was English He was good at fighting in battles.

Why did the Romans get such good gladiators?

The gladiators in ancient Rome were good for the same reasons that the Roman army was so good. They trained and trained and then trained more.

Who can be in the Roman army?

To be in the Roman army you had to be a male and a Roman citizen and in reasonably good health, both mental and physical. However, as the empire expanded there were not enough Roman citizens so they used auxiliaries who were generally recruited by allied kingdoms. Upon discharge, the auxiliaries were granted Roman citizenship.

Why won the roman army so many battles?

because they had a very good tactic and very goog armore.

What are the internal causes of the decline of the Roman Empire?

the colonial are not fighting so the is not a roman empire

What was so good about the training given to the Roman army?

The Roman army was professional and a career lasted 16 years at first, and later 25 years. Therefore, it received thorough and continuous training and military drills were routine.

What did the Romans do in responce to spartacus?

Initially the Roman response to Spartacus was to meet his army with their own. However the slave army defeated the Romans in several battles. This was not because the army of Spartacus was so good, it was because the Roman army was so bad. At the time of the Spartacus uprising Rome was fighting wars on two other fronts, in Spain and in the mideast against Mithridates. The well-trained "A" troops were engaged in those wars, leaving Italy defended by rookies and too few of them at that. It was not until Crassus was given command of the Roman army and he raised and trained six new legions that the Romans defeated Spartacus on the battlefield and punished some prisoners with crucifixion.

How did the roman army get so successful?

because of who ruled it.

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