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World War II set the stage for the Civil Rights Movement. The immediate demand for soldiers created a shortage of white male workers in the labor force. President Roosevelt issued a directive banning any discriminatory practices by federal agencies or those involved in war related industries. This opened new job opportunities for blacks and set the stage for the Civil Rights Movement.

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Q: Events such as helped set the stage for the civil rights movement?
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What events helped the advancement of the civil rights movement?


What were the major events in martin Luther king's life?

He helped with the civil rights movement.

What events helped set the stage for the civil rights movement?

world war 2

What did Mose Wright's do?

Mose Wright helped with the Civil Rights Movement. The civil rights movement helped give blacks equal rights as whites.

What did Emmetttill do for the civil rights movement?

His murder is what started it; it helped spark the civil rights movement

What did Robert Kennedy do for the civil rights movement?

they helped the civil rights movement <3 APEX

What are 5 events prior to the civil rights movement that caused the civil rights movement to occur?

The rise of the Black Panthers The Watts riots

Civil rights movement events starting with letters a-z?

A-America B-boycott C-civil rights

Why was the Civil War important for the civil rights movement?

It is important because the civil war freed the slaves, and the civil right movement helped African Americans gain rights. So if the civil war didn't take place there would be no civil rights movement.To answer your quesition, the civil war was important for the civil rights movement because one freed the africian Americans and one helped them gain rights.

What are some important events in the civil rights movement?

Bus boycott

What did the American civil rights movement do?

the American civil rights helped black people to get their equal rights and so they have their right to vote

What did the civil rights movement do for African Americans?

the civil rights movement helped them to get equal rights that were the same as white people's rights like having good school, jobs, etc

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