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The whites took over

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Q: How was the culture of the native Americans destroyed?
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What impact did Henry Hudson have on the Indians?

Type your answer here... he destroyed the culture of the native americans by killing them,taking them as slaves and taking their land

How were Native American's culture destroyed by the Whites?

Literally, Native populations were decimated by disease and war. The culture was destroyed by the process of assimilation and institutions such as the Carlisle Indian School.

How has the native Americans influenced culture in central America today?

The Native Americans influenced culture in Central America writing, arts, and sports.

Why did native Americans develop culture?


How were native Americans treated by the spanish?

Badly. Native culture was suppressed.

Why did Native Americans developed different culture traditions?

The Native Americans made different culture groups so that they can worship different and have there own ways.

What destroyed the native American way of life?

Well, the Native American way of life is not destroyed, but if you meant who drove them out of their homes, then the Americans did

What were the effects of the missionaries on Native Americans?

Type your answer here...The missionaries effected the native Americans by changing their culture. Many native Americans resisted and this led to wars.

Why were Native Americans granted sovereignty?

To assimilate Native Americans to white culture. Dawes Act was also a factor.

Why is the Native American culture and the English culture incompatible?

many christians realize that the native americans are in touch with the holy spirit and looking beyond the dogma they know that the native americans are on the tight track.

What quanlities do African Americans Native Americans Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans share?

they are attached to their culture

What culture do totem poles belong to?

Totem poles belong to the culture of the Native Americans.

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