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I think its the Great Plains...i could be wrong

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Q: The Sioux Indians once roamed which region?
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When was Once Giants Roamed the Earth created?

Once Giants Roamed the Earth was created in 2005.

What Indians lived in PE?

The Otoe tribe once lived and flourished in the state of Pennsylvania. The Sioux Indians also inhabited parts of this state.

Did Sioux Indians ride horses?

Prior to the introduction of horses into the American continents, the Sioux did not ride horses because there were none. However, once horses became common in the Plains, the Sioux adapted to using them for hunting and fighting.

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Great Plains

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Before horses were introduced onto the North American continent, the Sioux Indians, the people of the Oceti Sakowin, walked every where. They used dogs to haul their belongings on a travois. Once horses were introduced, they walked, rode horses, and used the horses to haul their belongings on a travois.

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Fossils and the fact that we were once Pangea and dinosaurs were everywhere

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