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Q: Was Abraham Lincoln born into a rich family?
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Was abraham lincoln rich or poor?


How was Abraham Lincoln related to the enloes?

Abraham Enloe was Abraham Lincons real father.Becouse Abraham Enloe was a berry rich man.There was a servant that had a baby that was Abraham Enloes son.And taths how Abraham Lincon was reallated to Enloes

Was Abraham Lincoln poor or rich as a child?

he was very poor , when he was a young boy, his mother died. So, without having a mother and a proper education, he was raised.

What are the relations of George Bush and Abraham Lincoln?

Similarities:Bush and Lincoln are both republican. Both have strong ties to the south. Neither were elicted by the majority of the popular vote. Both made plane and public statements about racial and religious tollerance. Both have been active in athletics. Both were Christian men who lives there lives with God in control. Dissimilarities: Lincoln born poor, Bush born rich. Lincoln has less then one year of school and bush collage degree. Lincoln held no office before becoming president, Bust was Govener of Texas. Lincoln was an advid reader, Bush is not. Lincoln was called 'Lincoln' by people around him, Bus is refered to 'President' even in private. Lincoln was alway cerious, Bush is not. Lincoln was a pachant man, Bush has a quick temper. Lincoln's marriage was known as being strained, Bushes is known as being harmonious. Lincoln was a liberal, Bush a consertive. Lincoln believed in a strong federal government, Bush emphasizes states rights and denigrates the role of government. Lincoln never joined a church, Bush is an advid Methodist. Lincoln belives in triffes to protect Americans indistry, Bush belives in free markets even at the loss of American jobs. Lincoln raised tates to pay for the war, Bush is the only president in history to prosicute the war and try to lower taxes.

How did Lincoln continue to develop and change after he was elected to office?

He changed because he transitioned from a friendless, uneducated, penniless boy to a personable, intelligent, and rich man.

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