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There are Native Americans in all 50 US States.

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Q: What US states do Native Americans live in?
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What states in the us does the native Americans live?


Where did the US force the native Americans to live?

The US forced Native Americans to live on reservations.

What states in the US have the highest population of Native Americans?

There are many states in the United States in which Native Americans live. California, Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, and Washington are the top 5 states in terms of Native American population.

What is the poorest minority group is the US?

Native Americans who live on reservations in the high plain states...

Who are the first people to live in the US?

Native Americans ...

How did the US try and Americanize the Native American?

The united states Change who the native Americans was

What did the Native Americans teach us?

Native Americans may have taught us how to live in harmony with the rhythms of the seasons and how to live in harmony with nature without disturbing it. But did we listen? Native Americans did teach the early settlers how to survive and acted as guides in wilderness areas.

What percentage of the states in the US come from native American languages and name two and their meanings?

20% of The United States Are the Native Americans

Where do Native Americans live in the US?

They live all over the USA. (if your talking about the Native Americans that blended in with the rest of America). If you're referring to the ones that still remain in Indian tribes, they mainly live in the west on reservations.

Who was most responsible for the conflict between Native Americans and The US government?

The United States Government.

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