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A court order to appear in court on a specified date and time is called a summons. You have to be sure to appear on that date and time.

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Q: What is a court order to appear in court on a specified date and time?
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Can you leave the state of MA if you have a upcoming court date?

Unless your travel is restricted by court order or by the provisions of your bail release, yes, you should be able to travel outside the state - PROVIDING - that you return to appear in court on the specified date.

What to do after you get a summons?

If it is a 'summons to appear' in court or for a hearing - you follow the instruction given on the summons and report at the specified location on the specified date/time.

What is the document the notifies a person or group of a lawsuit against them and order them to appear in court on a given date and time?


How do you stop a child support order before it starts?

Assuming that "you" are one of the parties in the matter, you appear in court on the appointed date and explain to the judge why the court should not enter an order for support.

What is FTA mean?

Failure to Appear- Didn't appear for an ordered court date.

If you got a ticket for possession of marijuana in California with a date to appear in court on it will you receive a letter in the mail from the court?

No. You already have the date to appear. They will not contact you again unless there is cause for the date to be changed.

If called for jury duty are you suppose to go work?

No. Show your jury summons to your employer. By law they must excuse you from work to appear in answer to the summons. Report to court at the time and date specified.

What if you miss a court date while your in jail?

If you were incarcerated on the date of your court appearance the court will learn of it and it won't count as an FTA (Failure to Appear).

Can an order of emancipation be overturned once its granted because the other party didn't appear at a set court date?

No, your an adult now.

How do you fight a temporary restraining order in Ohio?

When you were served with the TRO, you should have been given a court date (most likely on the paper) and you will need to appear in court to plead your case.

What is a Notice of appearance?

A ticket with a date on it for you to appear in court. If you don't appear, a warrent for your arrest will be made.

Does a judgment start from court issue date or when the account became delinquent in New York state?

Court ordered judgments become effective on the date they are signed by the judge. If any other defining dates are necessary, they should be specified within the wording of the judgment order.

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