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Cleveland compromise

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Q: What is another name for The Great Compromise?
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What is another name for the compromise?

Depends on what compromise you're talking about. If you're talking about The Great Compromise in the 18th Century, then another name for it is the Three-Fourths Compromise.

Another name great compromise?

The Cleveland compermise

What was another name for the great compromise?

Virginia comprimise

What is another name for the Great Compromise of 1787?

There are two other names commonly used for 'Great Compromise of 1787'. One of them is 'Connecticut Compromise', the second is 'Sherman's Compromise'.

What is another name for the Connecticut compromise?

The_Great_Compromise_">It can also be called The Great CompromiseIf you are using it for the ESHS Gov. and Cit. 01 Packet it is just Great Compromise

What was the other name of the great compromise?

The Connecticut Compromise

What is a sentence with the words 'great compromise'?

It will require a great compromise for those two countries to make peace with one another.

What is a bundle of compromise?

The bundle of compromise was a name for the US Constitution mainly because of the Great compromise and the 3/5 compromise

What was the fist name of the man proposing the great compromise?

Roger Sherman of Connecticut first suggested the Great Compromise

What is aonther name for the Connecticut comprimise?

The Connecticut Compromise was also called the Great Compromise of 1787 or Sherman's Compromise.

What was the name of the compromise that settled the arguments over state representation in congress?

Great Compromise.

What is the The Connecticut Compromise?

The Connecticut compromise is the same exact thing as the great compromise its just another name for it. so the Connecticut compromise/ the great compromise is when the larger states wanted the representatives to be determined on population and the smaller states wanted the representatives to be determined on equality/ equal amount of people on each side for representatives. so they came up with The House of Representatives and the Senate to solve the problem. The great compromise solved a lot of problems and issues that people had.

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