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People who lived in the Middle Colonies depended on crops from the southern colonies. The people of the Middle Colonies were in the lumber trade or grain export. Other trades would include dock workers and blacksmith. Most of the people educated themselves and children at home rather than a formal education. Education was not free although some church did offer education. The people made their own clothing inspired by traditional Dutch Quaker styles. The people entertained themselves by dancing, playing games, and visiting with each other.

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Q: What were some interesting aspects of daily life in the middle colonies?
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What were some interesting aspects of daily life in the southern colonies?

Eating, Drinking, Hunting, Fishing, Talking.

How did daily life in the Middle Colonies differ from daily life in the New England Colonies?


What was daily life in middle colonies?

The daily life in the Middle colonies is farming, planting, cooking, making clothing, cleaning, and feeding the animals.

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hunting trapping, fishing, trading and many industries. go to wikipidia to get a list of those industries

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I am not using this any more because I need the answer

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colonist in the middle colonies mostly farmed, fished, and hunt for fur as daily activities. They also mad homemade butter for family.Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong

What was the daily life of the middle colonies?

It was warm and they had fertil soil.they were often called ''the basket bread because they grew alot of wheat.

What was daily life like in the middle colonies?

the men and boys went to fields and work while the women stayed home cooked sewed and took care of the house.

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