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when was the first revolver made?

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2008-02-13 22:22:28
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Q: When was the first revolver made?
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Where was the first revolver made?

Either in the US or Britian.

What year was the revolver made?

Samuel Colt made the first percussion cap revolver in 1836- but it was not the first. Elisha Collier made a revolving flintlock pistol in 1818- but it was not the first. James Puckle patented a revolving cannon in 1718.

When was the twenty gauge five shot revolver first made?


Who made the first 22 caliber revolver and pistol?


When was the Enfield revolver made?

The first Enfield revolver dated to 1880- but there have been a number of models, You have to be more specific to get a more specific answer.

Who invented the first revolver gun?

It was Samuel Colt. Also, it was made in1836.

What year did smith and Wesson first make the 35 cal revolver?

S&W has never made a 35 cal revolver for commercial sale.

Who invented the first commercially-successful revolver?

black power or cartridge rounds? Colt made the first "practical" revolver, so this was the first commercially successful cartridge revolver. I can't say about black powder... but you should read this: <><><> The first Colt revolvers were black powder handguns. The self contained cartridge was invented later.

Who invented 6shot revolver?

Samuel Colt invented the first revolver. I'm not sure if it was a six shot but he invented the first revolver.

When was the first revolver invented?

There are examples of "revolving barrel" firearms made before 1500 AD.

When was the first rim fire pistol made and the date?

The .22 Short, was developed for Smith and Wesson's first revolver , in 1857.

Who invented and patened the worlds first revolver gun?

patrice revolver

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