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she went to school in Alabama and she meet her husband in colloge and got married and had 4 kids

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Q: Where did Coretta Scott king go to school?
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How long did Coretta Scott King go to school?

coretta scott king went to school for 2 years

What school did Coretta Scott king go to?

Coretta Scott King went to WestMore High dipwads

Where did Coretta Scott King go to high school?

Coretta Scott King went to high school at Lincoln Normal School in Marion, Alabama. She graduated from the high school in 1945 and was valedictorian.

Did Coretta Scott king go to Antioch College?

I'm pretty sure Coretta Scott king did go to Antioch College

What college did Coretta Scott king go to?

Coretta Scott King was born on April 27, 1927 in Heiberger, Alabama. She attended Lincoln Normal School on a school bus driven by her mother. After graduating high school she attended Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Did Coretta king go to school?


Where did Coretta go to school at when she was little?


Did Coretta Scott King ever go to jail?

I don't know..But I bet she did..I don't know..But I bet she did..I don't know..But I bet she did..

What was the name of the book that won both the Coretta Scott King Book award and the Newberry Honor Award?

The Wastons go to Birmnigham-1963.

What is the main idea of copper sun?

Copper Sun was written by Coretta Scott King in 2006. The main idea was to show what a teenage girl will have to go through as a slave.

Why Coretta Scott King is important?

Coretta Scott King is definitely important because she made a difference in society, the lives of others, and this world as a whole. She contributed greatly to her dreams to excel in education and music, also to her husband Dr. Martin Luther King dreams. She believed greatly that her situation and circumstances around her was happening for a reason; not to hurt them, but in the long run help them. She was determined no matter what to become something in life despite of what white people said to her or what was going on around her. She's important because most people in her shoes would've given up a long time ago if they had to go through what she went through. She's important because without a doubt she carried on her husband's legacy; she didn't give up on it after he passed away , but continued it., She didn't let go of it because he was gone but held on to it with the help of God. The question isn't "is Coretta Scott King important", but why isn't Coretta Scott King important enough"?

Was Coretta Scott afraid to go on the streets alone?

yes she was afraid because she never knew if the whites would do something to her

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