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Q: Where did many pioneers who traveled west on the Oregon trail plan to settle?
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Which trail did the pioneers travel?

The pioneers traveled on Hacker's Trail, better known as The Oregon Trail.

What were the people called that traveled the Oregon trail?

pioneers! :)

What is the organ trail?

The Oregon trail is a trail in which pioneers have traveled in search of freedom. It was very dangerous trail back then.

What did American pioneers learn from those who traveled west before them?

Oregon trail Chisolm trail

Who traveled on this trail?


What religion were most of the people that traveled on Oregon California trail?

There as many religions as there were people. Over 350,000 pioneers followed the trail.

What are facts about the Oregon Trail?

They are facts you say about what happend then1. It was a 2,170 mile route traveled by the pioneers and settlers2. It started in Minnesota and ended in Oregon City3. The trip across the Oregon Trail started in 1841 and ended in 18694.The trail was for the settlers to get to the west5. Over 50,000 settlers traveled the Oregon Trail

Who led the Mormons west along the Oregon trail?

Nobody. The Mormon Pioneers traveled on the Mormon Trail, not the Oregon Trail. In many places these trails closely followed each other, but they were not the same trail.

What was the path that the pioneers the followed into Oregon Oregon country?

Oregon trail? Oregon trail?

What was the path that the pioneers followed into the Oregon country?

Oregon trail? Oregon trail?

Where did pioneers sleep when they were on the Oregon Trail?

in a trail fort.

Who were some famous pioneers from the Oregon trail?

famous people in the Oregon trail ?

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