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They live all over the USA. (if your talking about the Native Americans that blended in with the rest of America). If you're referring to the ones that still remain in Indian tribes, they mainly live in the west on reservations.

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Q: Where do Native Americans live in the US?
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Where did the US force the native Americans to live?

The US forced Native Americans to live on reservations.

What US states do Native Americans live in?

There are Native Americans in all 50 US States.

Who are the first people to live in the US?

Native Americans ...

What states in the us does the native Americans live?


Why did the U.S. want native Americans to live on reservations?

The US wanted Native Americans to live on reservations because the US took away their land they were like this and this is our land and the Native Americans somewhere to live so they gave them reservations were they could make their own laws

Did Native Americans live in Arizona?

Yes Native Americans did live in Arizona

What did the Native Americans teach us?

Native Americans may have taught us how to live in harmony with the rhythms of the seasons and how to live in harmony with nature without disturbing it. But did we listen? Native Americans did teach the early settlers how to survive and acted as guides in wilderness areas.

How Native Americans live in mission 4?

i need to know how native Americans live in mission4

Did any Native Americans live in Hawaii?

Yes some native Americans did live in Hawaii

Where do the Native Americans live now?

There are still many Native Americans living now. Some of these Native Americans choose to live on reservations for example.

Did the Native Americans live in teepees?

The native Americans of the great plains lived in teepees, but not all native Americans did.

How many Native Americans live in pueblo?

how many Native Americans live in Pueblo they did not have the awnser were i looked

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