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Q: Who moved west during the westward expansion?
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What is the term for people who moved west in the 19 century?

westward expansion

What is the term for people who moved west in the 19th-century America?

Westward expansion

What is the term for people who moved west in 19th-century America?

Westward expansion

Was Ulysses S. Grant president during westward expansion to the west?

He was one of the presidents during westward expansion. He was president from 1869-1877 and westward expansion was roughly from 1858-1896 i think...

Why can the west be described as a diverse place during the era of westward expansion?

many ppl were moving westward

What year did the westward expansion end?

The Westward Expansion ended in the year 1912. Through the popular years through out its time, The West had a huge overpopulation problem. Most people during that time was thinking that there was going to be a Southward Expansion from over population. The Westward expansion began in 1807-1912.

What groups went west during the westward expansion?

Mormons, settlers looking for free land, and gold diggers.

Why did people go to the west during the westward expansion?

people went to the west to find gold and become rich.

What motivated the westward expansion?

Money. In the west, people saw that there was more land, more resources, and less competition. They thought that there was a good chance that if they moved west, they would prosper.

What was the cattle industry during US westward expansion?

Cattle were being shipped west to feed hungry movers and shakers.

The act that moved Indians to the west?

The act of that moved Native Americans to the west is called Westward Expantion =]

Why did people move west during the westward expansion?

because the land was fertile and gold was very popular in that area people started moving west.

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