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Abraham Lincoln was president

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Q: Who was president when Abraham Lincoln got shot?
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How old was President Lincoln when he got shot?


Where was president Abraham Lincoln shot and by who?

Abraham Lincoln got shot on april 14, 1865 in the Fords theater. he got shot by John Wilkes Booth.

What president is often compared to John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln?

I would say Reagan. Lincoln got shot. JFK got shot. The only president after that that got shot was Reagan.

What kind of gun did Abraham Lincoln get shot with?

Abraham Lincoln got shot in the head with a revolver.

What happened to Abraham Lincoln after the war?

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated shortly after the war ended.during the cicivil war Abraham Lincoln was president and he also got assanatied during the cilvil warlincoln got shot and killed

Did Abraham Lincoln get shot in the front or the back?

Abraham Lincoln got shot in the back of the head by John Wilkes Booth!!

Abraham Lincoln's adult life?

Abraham Lincoln was a very tall man with four kids. he lived in the white house when he was president. he was named after his grandfather who got shot by an Indian while he was cleaning a field. Abraham lincln got shot in 1865 by a man in the teatures.

What play was Abraham Lincoln watching when he got shot?

Abraham Lincoln was watching "My American Cousin."

Who was acting when Abraham Lincoln got shot?


What was he doing when he got shot by John Wilkes Booths?

President Abraham Lincoln was at a opera house watching a show.

What body part did Abraham Lincoln got shot?

his head.

What was the time when Abraham Lincoln got shot?

In April 16,1865.

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