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He lead a raid along with 21 other people on harper's ferry.

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2011-02-18 16:00:50
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Q: Why was john brown important to the civil war?
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Did john brown fight in the civil war?

No, John Brown was killed before the start of the Civil War.

How would you describe john brown's war?

The John Brown's war was not a good war it is what sparked the Civil War. This started in the year 1859.

How would you describe john brown?

The John Brown's war was not a good war it is what sparked the Civil War. This started in the year 1859.

How was John Brown compared to the US Civil War?

John Brown led raids with abolionists to revlot against salvery. He was a major influnece in the Civil War time, because he used violence to tell how made he was about slavery. John Brown was not an influence at all in the Civil War.

Who was a violent abolitionist during the civil war?

John Brown

What did john brown do in the war?

He died before the civil war so he did not do anything in the war technically.

What were the Confederate stratagies in the civil war?

to capture john brown and his men.

What civil war song was the favorite for the union?

John Brown's body.

Was john brown civil or revolutionary?

His actions helped to spark-off the American Civil War.

What is the cause of John Brown's rebellion during the Civil War?

John Brown's rebellion was before the Civil War. He was not rebelling against the US but was fighting to abolish slavery---i.e. an Abolitionist. His methods were extreme and violent.

Who are some famous political men during the civil war?

there were a lot of famous people of the civil war John Brown and more

Who was a pre-Civil War abolitionist?

John Brown, Harriet Tubman and Fredrick Douglass were all pre-Civil War abolitionists

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