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Q: In what ways were north American cultures before 1500 different and in what ways were they similar?
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What were the major kinds of Indian Cultures in North America before 1500?

Before 1500 there were several different kinds of Native American cultures in North America. There were farmers, fisher cultures, and hunter gatherers.

What is a culture in history that has been affected by colonization?

Cultures that have been affected by colonization (in the last 2000 years, I don't know the names of the ones before that): Most middle eastern cultures The North African cultures The Central African cultures The South African cultures The British Isles' cultures Most European cultures North American cultures Central American cultures South American cultures Indian subcontinent cultures Some of China Most of Southern and Southeast Asian cultures Australian and New Zealand cultures Pacific Island cultures

How did American African and European cultures differ from one another before 1500?

what is the first animal

Since Postmodernism what kinds of authors now frequently share the American literary canon that didn't before?

Authors from various cultures

Is there an ancient North American culture?

There are many ancient North American cultures found in the Native Americans that were here centuries before Columbus.

How are EU nations maintaining their distinct cultures?

Each has their own cultures, and nothing can really change that. The culture of each country is well embedded in it, for thousands of years in many cases. While some countries may have some similar traditions and cultures, each country is different, and some are very different. The people are all different and those many cultures cannot be moulded into one. Each country does its own things and that in itself maintains its culture. They have different organisations maintaining aspects of their culture. Many of those organisations existed long before the European Union did.

How are native Americans culture and African culture before European contact the same?

Both cultures focus strongly on the tribe, as opposed to large organized civilization. The tribe is seen as the extended family, and both cultures have a similar hierarchy and chain of command. The division of labor and structure of the tribe is also very similar. Both cultures have similar religious practices. They both worshiped nature, and believed in multiple gods. Many of the gods, worshiped in native American cultures, stem from the animals they hunted or they saw as having powerful traits. African religions tend to have gods that are in human form.

How did Greeks seek to explain the world around them that was different from other cultures before them?

They had a map. and discussed it as a group.

Miscommunication between different cultures and societies?

Misunderstandings between cultures and societies can cause wars. People should take into context the culture and what people say before reacting, when talking to someone from a different culture.

What were the names of the indigenous people in the Caribbean before Columbus settled?

There were too many different cultures and indigenous tribes of people to list for the entire region. Each area had different people that were unique to the area. The Mayan civilization had spread extensively throughout the Central American region.

Why are aboriginals called aboriginals?

They are called Aboriginals because they were the first people on the land before the Europeans and different cultures. There the original people.

Government before American Revolution?

The American government before the Revolution was similar to what we have today. The idea that the people would have a part in their government was part of the reason many chose to travel to the new world.

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