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Q: The English bill of rights required the king to gain approval from which governing body before making the decision to raise taxes suspend laws or create an army?
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The english bill of rights kept the king or queen from passing new taxes or changing laws without the approval of?


In what three ways was the power of the English monarch limited by the English bill of rights?

It did not allow the monarch to suspend laws, tax without parliaments consent, or to raise an army in peacetime without approval by the parliament. answer came from the textbook "modern world history" McDougal Littell page 23 in The Rise of Democratic Ideas chapter.

After King James the second was dethroned what important condition was written into the English Bill of Rights?

All monarchs would be required to rule with Parliament's participation.

After King James II was dethroned what important condition was written into the English Bill of Rights?

The Bill stipulated that no Catholic would henceforth be permitted to ascend to the English throne, nor could any English monarch marry a Catholic. NovaNETanswer (As well as GradPoint Answer): All monarchs would be required to rule with parliament's participation.

How did the English bill of right English government?

to prevent abuse of power by William and Mary and all future monarchs, Parliaments in 1689 drew up a list of provisions to which William and Mary had to agree. this document "The English Bill Of rights" prohibited a standing army in peacetime, except with the consent of parliment and required that all parliamentary elections be free. Our nation has built on changed and added to those ideas and institutions that the settlers brought here from England. still much in American Government and politics today is based on these early English ideas.

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