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Q: The first European country to launch long ocean voyages of exploration was?
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How did the French revolution influence African slaves in France's Caribbean colonies?

It inspired them to launch their own political revolution.

Why did Mao Zedong launch the Great Leap Forward in 1958?

Answer this question… He wanted China to rapidly industrialize without following the Soviet model.

What is the history of OMR?

Traditionally the technique used for checking OMR sheets was very time consuming. But with the launch of OMR it has provided a great solution to the institutes who conduct reagular tests. This solution has been provided first to you by

What changes did lenin make?

Lenin launched the New Economic Policy (NEP) by temporally putting aside his plan for a state-controlled economy. Instead, he restored to a small-scale version of capitalism.Lenin organized Russia into several self-government republics under the central government.In 1922, the country was named the Union Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), in honor of the councils that helped launch the Bolshevik Revolution.He tried to encourage foreign investment.Lenin had established a dictatorship of the Communist Party, not "a dictatorship of the proletariat," as Marx had promoted.

What are some notable things that happened in 1954?

A few historic events from 1954 include the ruling in Brown v. Board of Education that banned segregated schools, the launch of the first nuclear-powered submarine, the announcement of the first hydrogen bomb test, and the beginning of the McCarthy communism hearings.

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What was the first European nation to launch voyages of exploration?

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What European country was the first to launch large scale exploration voyages?

Spain. They had the ships and the ability to do it.

The first European nation to launch voyages of exploration was?

Portugal was the first European country to launch voyages of exploration, Chiefly responsible was Prince Henry, known as "the Navigator". He founded a school of navigation and sent expeditions to explore the western coast of Africa.

Who was first European nation to launch voyages of exploration?

portagul was the religion but the name of the man is Ferdinand Magellan

TheFrist European nation to launch voyages of exploration was?

Some say it was Portugal, Spain, the Dutch will tell you it was the Netherlands

Did space exploration began in the US?

Space Exploration did not begin in the US. The first country to successfully launch a human into outer space was the Soviet Union.

Who built a navigation school in his home country of Portugal and help launch the age of exploration?

Henry the navigator.

A European explorer would like to launch a voyage to explore the Americas. He borrows money for his voyage from a banker and promises to pay him back with interest. This interaction is an example of w?

answer is: The european middle ages contributing the age of exploration

What is the history of Pluto's exploration?

The exploration of the outer solar system ,which includes the exploration of Pluto began in the early 1970s . This was by the launch of Pioneers 10 and 11. These are two small spacecrafts.

Why was Isaac Newton important to space exploration?

How did Newton originally propose to launch things into space?

What are the alternatives to sending humans into space?

-- Design, construct, configure, and launch robot hardware to conduct space exploration and inquiry. -- Cease all space inquiry and exploration.

What country was first to launch a spacecraft?


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