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the African headdress

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Q: What are some African tribes symbols and masks?
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What are some African traditional religious symbols?

Each of the African tribes have different religious symbols that were valued. You can find some of these symbols by looking online.

What are some tribes that wear masks?


What do African masks symbolise?

Africa is a large continent tribal masks developed along different lines; tribal masks mean different things to different tribes, and served different purposes. Some tribes were may have been close to each other, so there would be some sort of similarity between the ritual usage and even look of the mask; other tribes were possibly hundreds or thousands of kilometers apart, so they have no apparent relationship to each other. They were used in story telling, ritual, initiations, war dances, weddings and funerals. Generally speaking: African masks symbolize the spirit of the African ancestors. African masks were also used to show that they belonged to a certain tribe. African masks can ward/ scare of other tribes and they are also used in tribal festivals/ dances.

What symbols are used on maskes?

Some of the symbols that are used on masks are designed to describe a certain family or that family's origins. Symbols like arrows, stars, and moons are often used on masks to depict Gods or Goddesses.

What symbols are used on masks?

Depending on the occasion for wearing the mask the symbols could mean Good or evil. Some masks are used to symbolize Beauty and the lack there of. While other masks dawn the symbol of a certain tribe and or family creast.

Why did the pacific northwest Indians make masks?

The masks were used in rituals and celebrations. Some tribes wore animal masks as a way of thanking the animals for their gifts of food and warmth.

Who were the first people to use masks?

Masks have been used by many different ancient cultures throughout the world. The masks used by indigenous tribes on many continents are some of the oldest.

Who has the darkest skin?

Some of the equatorial African tribes.

Are African masks dangerous?

No, but some superstitious people might think so.

What tribe is considered the smartest?

From what part of the world? The African tribes? The AmerIndian tribes? The Hebrew tribes? Which? We need some directions here.

Who are the african masks used by?

Well, since they are AFRICAN masks i suppose they were used by the Africans. Since it was after all in their religion. Some European painters also used the masks like Pablo Picasso. If you want to know the use of African masks then go to this website: If you want details i would suggest to check this website out too!!

What are some West African tribes from which slaves were taken?

Mandinka Ibos Ashanti

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