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The Great Schism was the event that divided "Chalcedonian" Christianity into Western Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy. It was the result of an extended period of estrangement between the two bodies of churches.

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Q: What causes The great Schism in Europe?
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What were the causes of the great schism?

The great schism happened when Rome was split in the West (Rome) and the East (Constantinople). Previously the schism happened becase of political reasons, the West became Catholicism and the East became Orthodoxy.

What role did the Great Schism play in building national identities in Europe?

It (politically) divided Europe into Avignon & Roman.

Why was the great schism important in the decline of medieval Europe?

it led to the questioning of church authority

Which best describes the effect that the great schism of 1378 and the Hundred Years War had on Europe?

They contributed to the decline of feudalism.

What was the great schism in 1054?

The great schism was the separation of the Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodoxy.

Where did the Great Schism happen?

The Great Schism was the division of Chalcedonian Christianity into the Eastern (Greek) and Western (Latin) branches. The Great Schism began in Constantinople in 1053.

How did the crusades the black death the Hundred Years War and the great schism contribute to the end of medieval europe?

it was always faith

What are the three causes in the Great Schism in Christianity?

Some reasons for the Great Schism in the Christianity include:disagreement as to who is the head of the church, the Pope or Jesus?differences in the way in which religious rites were administeredCatholic Church spoke Latin, the Greek Orthodox spoke Greek

What was it called when the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches split in 1054?

It is called the Great Schism or the Great Eastern Schism

What causes the Great Depression in Europe?

The flow of American loans.

The great schism resulted from a conflict between?

The great schism resulted from a conflict between the Catholic and the Orthodox Churches.

What is a split that occurred within the Catholic Church that resulted in two separate churches Eastern Orthodox and Catholicism in 1047?

You're thinking of the Eastern Schism, sometimes called the Great Schism, but in the Catholic Church, the Great Schism refers to the Western Schism in the 15th century, not the Eastern Schism in the 11th century.

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