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Q: What country became European Member in 2004?
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What happened April 2004?

A lot of things, just say in what country?

What happened on October 15 2004?

October 15th, 2004 fell on a Friday.

When did workhouse stop being used?

it stopped being used in 2004

What are facts about William wilberforce?

He was born in Hull on the 24th August 1759.He was the son of a wealthy merchant.He studied at Cambridge University.In 1780, he became Member of Parliament for Hull, later he represented Yorkshire.He was a deeply religious English MP.He was influenced to act against the slave trade by Thomas ClarksonHe risked everything to speak up for the slaves who couldn't. He said that God made men equal and we should live by thatThe British campaign to abolish slavery started at the beginning of the 1780s. William Wilberforce joined the movement in the mid 1780s. The British government abolished slavery in just three days before he died.His campaign to abolish slavery took 50 years to accomplish.He died on 29th July 1833.In 2004, he was named the greatest ever Yorkshire man because of his driving force behind the abolition of the slave trade.

What happened in England 2004?

Some notable events that occurred in 2004:-the coroner's inquest into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, was officially opened-Richard Desmond bought the dying Daily Telegraphtabloid, saving it from extinction-A 15 year old Scottish boy was abducted, tortured, and killed by a Pakistani gang in Glasgow-Tony Blair announced a change in government policy: there was a referendum on the proposed EU constitution-Peter Mandelson announced as Britain's new European Commisioner-A Fathers 4 Justice campaigner dressed at Batman breached security at Buckingham Palace-Blair announced his intention to resign as Prime Minister if Labour won the next general election so he will not stand for a possible fourth term in the position-Government announced plan to prohibit smoking in most enclosed public places-Parliment passed the Hunting Act of 2004, banning fox hunting in England and Wales-Bank robbery in Belfast where 26.5 million pounds was stolen-Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban premieres

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