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the impact on the first nations was that they kept having wars with the haudenosaunee

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Q: What was the impact on First Nations People?
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What was the impact on burlington from the first nations?

the impact was an earthquake that killed many people

How did John Cabot impact the first nations people?

no none cares

What impact did the development of Acadia have on the culture and lifestyle of first nations?

the impact was

What was the impact on the national impact?

the impact on the first nations was that they kept having wars with the haudenosaunee

The impact of the deelopment of New France on the first Nations?

someone answer it

Did the first men on the moon make an impact in society?

Make an impact in society, ofcourse it made other nations want to get their people on the moon is was broad-casted world wide

How did Imperialism lead to exploration?

it reflects on first nations and it has an impact on explorers

What is the impact explorers had on aboriginals at first contact?

The impact explorers had on the First Nations were good until they started owning land for their representative countries.

What was Samuel Hearne's impact on first nations?

he impacted the First Nations bye causing an epidemic in the First Nations society.e befriended a Chipewyan leader named Matonabee which he became his guide on the First Nations Land, he was sent to Coppermine in search for copper.

What year did the first nations come to Canada?

The first nations people first came to Canada in 1750

How did the first nations communicate with the french people?

the answer is the french people taught the first nations to speak French. They also had translators.

What was the overall impact of new France on the first nations and European populations of north America?

they were mad

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