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the Chinese started using paper in the 9th century

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2012-05-31 06:59:08
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Q: When did the Chinese start using paper money?
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What was one drawback of Chinese using paper money?

Paper money is too difficult to carry.

When did Fiji start using paper money?


When did the United States start using paper money?

The first paper money used in the United States was in 1862!

What was one drawback of the Chinese using paper money?


When did the US start borrowing money?

The Massachusetts Bay Colony issued the first paper money in 1690. The colonies would later form the United States. The first federally-issued paper money was printed in 1861 and 1862, to help pay for the Civil War.

What year did the world start using paper money and coins?

Coins and paper money have been in use for millennia so there's no recorded history of their very first use. Coins have been traced back as far as the Lydians in the 8th century BCE, while paper money was introduced by the Chinese during the Tang dynasty (7th to 10th centuries)

What was one drawback of using paper money?

Paper money is too difficult to carry.

What was the paper using for money?

the paper which create a cracking when shakened

When did america start using paper money?

Privately issued paper money has been in use since the colonial times. Individual banks and other companies produced it, and if you trusted that bank, you accepted it. Benjamin Franklin was a noted producer of colonial notes. The U.S. itself did not start producing its own paper money until the Civil War era, in the 1860's

Why did the United States start using paper currency?


In What contury was tolet paper invented?

The Chinese were the first to use paper to clean themselves after urination or defecation. They began using toilet paper in the 6th century AD.

When did the Chinese start using chopsticks?

Because they didnt know about knives and forks

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