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China. Shares borders with 14 other countries.

(Russia does also.)

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2010-11-08 21:31:22
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Q: Which country share land borders with the most other countries?
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How many countries don't share a border apart from Australia?

All countries share borders, although these may not always be land borders. Australia, for example, shares no land borders with any other country, but it does have maritime borders with other countries.

How many landlocked countries in africa share their borders with only one other country and what are they?

1 Lesotho

What countries share a bordder with the Iran?

this country borders Iraq and Pakistan

What other countries do Scotland share borders with?

Only England

How many landlocked countries share their borders with only one country what are they?


What countries share borders with Taiwan?

no country is brodered with Taiwan ... its only an island

What other countries share a border with Jamaica?

Jamaica is an island and so it does not have borders with any other countries.

Which country does not share a country with Iraq?

Iraq borders Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria. All other countries do not border Iraq.

Do new zealand share their border with other countries?

New Zealand is an island country around 1200 miles from its nearest neighbour so doesn't share any borders.

What country borders Switzerland Austria Slovenia and Spain?

There is no country that borders with all four of these countries ! # Italy share borders with Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia, but not with Spain. # France share borders with Switzerland and Spain, but not with Austria and Slovenia. # Germany shares borders with Switzerland and Austria, but not with Spain and Slovenia.

Which countries share borders with other countries?

Almost all, only island nations don't have bordering countries.

Which country borders the united kingdom to the north?

Britain is an island so has no borders with other countries. However, Scotland and England share a common border with Scotland being north of England.

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