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The Bolsheviks

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When the Soviet Union ceased to exist Yeltsin and the presidents of Belarus and Ukraine announced the formation of

Israel withdrew from Gaza and Jericho in

NATO powers led a military peacekeeping force in

The most pressing problem for the new Russian government after the Soviet Union collapsed was

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Q: Which group took over the Russian government in 1917?
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Did the whites take over Russian government in 1917?

No, the Red faction took over the government in 1917.

In which empire was st petersburg located?

St Petersburg was build by the Russian Emperor Peter the Great at 1703 and was for over 200 years the capital of the Empire until 1918 after the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Who overthrew the Russian government in November of 1917 and established a Communist government there?

Vladimir Lenin and his Bolshevik Party supporters overthrew the Russian Provisional Government in November 1917. This revolution was nothing more than a military coup engineered by Lenin and the Bolsheviks, which was tolerated by most workers, peasants and soldiers because the existing Provisional Government just wasn't working properly. The Bolshevik Revolution was not one in which the general populace rose up and took over the government. The existing Provisional Government was weak and unpopular among the workers, peasants and soldiers, but it was more unpopular with the Bolshevik Party who wanted power, so they stepped in and took it practically without firing a shot.

What group took over Canada in 1763?

The British Government.

Who lead the Russian government between the March and November 1917 revolutions?

Prince Georgi Lvov and later Alexander Kerensky led the Russian Provisional Government during the time between the two revolutions. Lvov headed it when it was first formed after the first revolution. Three months late he resigned and Alexander Kerensky took over. Three months after than Lenin and the Bolsheviks staged the October Revolution and ousted Kerensky and the entire Provisional Government.

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Did the whites take over Russian government in 1917?

No, the Red faction took over the government in 1917.

Who were Russian revolutionaries who took control of the government in November 1917 and pledged to make peace with Germany?

Bolsheviks, who took over in the Russian October Revolution of 1917. a very bad group indeed. Bolsheviks Bolsheviks Bolsheviks Bolsheviks

When the Bolsheviks took over the Russian government in 1917 they moved the Russian capital FROM where TO where?

From St. Petersburg to Moscow.

Russian revolutionist who took over the government in November 1917?

Vladimir I. Lenin

Russian revolution who ran the government while Nicholas was away?

in October 1917 Bolsheviks over threw the government to run Russia after Nicholas

Which people took over the government during the Russian Revolution?

The Bolshevik Party under Vladimir Lenin took over the government during the Russian Revolution that occurred in October 1917. No one really took over the government in the February 1917 Russian Revolution. At that time the Tsarist government simply collapsed when the Tsar could not stop the rioting going on in Petrograd, Moscow and other Russian cities. Members of the Russian Duma, the aristocracy and even some of the Tsar's own ministers stepped in to form the Provisional Government to maintain order until a new constitutional government could be created.

What radical group took control of the Russian government during the Russian Revolution?

The communist Bolsheviks took over during the November Revolution.

Was The Russian Tsar during World War 1 Nicholas II?

Yes, Until 1917 at which point he abdicated and the provincial government took over.

Who ruled after the czar?

The Russian Provisional Government headed by Prince Georgy Lvov and later by Alexander Kerensky ruled after the tsar abdicated in March 1917. In October 1917, the Provisional Government was overthrown and Vladimir Lenin and the Bolshevik Party took over.

Which group took over the Russian govertment in 1917?

The bolsheivks took over in 1970 after the first civil war in russia. The man who was leading the revolt was a man named Vladimir Lenin.

Were the Romanovs killed in the Russian Revolution?

No, the Romanovs were killed the Russian Civil War several months after the Russian Revolution. The Tsar abdicated in March 1917. Then The Bolsheviks took over in October 1917. The Russian Revolution was then over and the Russian Civil War started. The Romanovs were killed in July 1918 during the Russian Civil War.Revolution

What led to the Soviet Union?

The Russian Revolution(1917), and the over throw of the Czar

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