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Edmund Randolph

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Q: Who presented the Virginia Plan at the Constitutional Convention?
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This states plan called for equal representation in the legislative body?

The state's plan that called for equal representation in the legislative body was Virginia. This plan was known as the Virginia Plan.

Did Pennsylvania support the Virginia Plan?

They were one of the larger states, so yes, they supported the Virginia Plan. And I'm from there (justing saying). I hope this helps! (:

How was the national government to be organized under the Virgina plan?

The Virginia Plan advocated a legislature with two houses, where the number of representatives each state received was based on population.

Which plan suggested equal representation?

The New Jersey Plan suggested that the states should have an equal number of representitives. The Virginia Plan said the the number of representatives should be based on the state's population. Roger Sherman proposed that the Senate would have an equal number of representatives and the House of Representatives would have one representative for every 30,000 residents. This plan satisfied all of the states and became known as the Great Compromise.

What were the advantages and disadvantages of the Virginia plan?

The Virginia Plan was James Madison's solution towards proportional representation, which was a strong national government. The benefits of this plan were that a stronger central government would create a greater bond between the states so that if state governments gain too much power, it would weaken our nation altogether, and having two legislatures, which is known as a bicameral legislature, would be able to level itself. In favor for the Virginia Plan, the stronger national government would help stabilize the economy by better organizing trade between states and the entire country. The powerful executive branch would be able to stay away from disorganization by keeping order and the holding the ability of commanding the armed forces. The number of representatives would be proportional to the populations of each state. So representation is fair by having smaller states summarize their opinions of few citizens, likely voicing all of the people, considering that states with larger populations would be able to deliver the views of the whole society with more representatives. Disadvantages, I believe, but am not sure are factual, were with a strong executive branch, the people feared that the president would manipulate his powers, just like the king of England had done so with the colonies and those who disagreed with it thought that the smaller sates wouldn't be voiced.

Related questions

What plan presented at the constitutional convention that favored a strong central government was?

The Virginia plan

Who was the governor of Virginia who proposed Madisons plan to the constitutional convention?

At the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Madison drafted the plan presented by Virginia Governor Randolph, and William Patterson of _______ presented a plan that was similar to the Articles of Confederation.

What were the two competing plans presented during the Constitutional Convention?

Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan

During the constitutional convention what were the two competing plans presented?

Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan

Whos the author of the Virginia Plan?

The author of the Virginia Plan was James Madison. Edmund Randolph was the man who presented the plan to the Constitutional Convention.

Who was the author of the Virginia Plan?

The Virginia Plan was written by James Madison, one of America's Founding Fathers. It was presented at the Constitutional Convention.

What are the three plans presented in the constitutional convention of 1787?

The New Jersey Plan, The Virginia Plan, and the Great Compromise! :)

What is A bicameral or two-house Congress was a feature of which plan for the federal government presented at the Constitutional Convention?

Virginia plan is the answer

A bicameral or two-house Congress was a feature of which plan for the federal government presented at the Constitutional Convention?

The Virginia plan

Who delegate to the constitutional convention propoed the Virginia Plan?

James Madison thought of it but Edmund Randolph presented it.

What Virginia governor presented the Virginia Plan?

Edmund Randolph was governor of Virginia during the Constitutional Convention (1787), and served as one of Virginia's delegates.

The plan presented at the constitutional convention of 1787 that represented the interests of the larger states?

The Virginia Plan is the plan presented by the larger states at the constitutional convention of 1787. It recommended a consolidated national government. Theories from the following philosophers were used in this plan: John Locke, Montesquieu, and Edward Coke.

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