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Latin on Their Dime

For those who seek to truly understand the roots of the English language, or any of the Romance languages, such as Spanish, French, and Italian, a good knowledge of Latin is important. And, for those who discover their love for Latin before they hit college, Latin can be a pathway to getting a college or university education for free. Or, at least, a basic familiarity with it can be a way to get some of your expenses paid via Latin scholarships. Latin students know that diligence brings many awards, and this is certainly true with scholarships. Put yourself forward for these scholarships, and find organizations ready to hand money over to you for your studies....(more)


Interesting Facts About the Triceratops Dinosaur

The Triceratops was a dinosaur living many millions of years ago in North America. It has been portrayed in popular culture many times, and as such, is recognizable to almost anyone, even if they are not familiar with different kinds of dinosaurs. It has been compared to a rhinoceros in some physical respects, although nothing quite like it is alive today. This article will provide information on the triceratops for any interested reader....(more)

The Look and Sound of the Parasaurolophus

While a complete Parasaurolophus skeleton has never been found, scientists estimate that this giant measured approximately 31 feet long. The Parasaurolophus is estimated to have weighed about 2.5 tons and its head alone is thought to have been more than 6 feet in length. Roughly, the Parasaurolophus is thought to be about the size of a standard school bus....(more)

Creating a Dinosaur Chart for Kids

Kids love learning about dinosaurs, but parents and teachers should know that everyone learns differently. Using a chart is an excellent way to present complicated information using easy-to-understand graphics. Working with your kids to create a chart is a great way to not only teach about dinosaurs, but also provide a hands-on learning experience the kids will enjoy....(more)


Winter and Summer Solstices

Twice a year, people the world over acknowledge what is called a Solstice. The definition of a solstice is the time when the sun is either the furthest North or the furthest South that it can be. This creates either the longest or the shortest time between sunrise and sunset, depending on a person's geographical latitude. The days get progressively longer after the shortest day of the year, and longer after the shortest day of the year. These solstices mark the beginning of the seasons known as Winter and Summer, and they often are recognized with various types of celebrations....(more)

Mongolia's Climate: The Good and Bad

Mongolia, one of the least densely-populated nations in the world, has a rich history and a unique place in its region. The nation, located in the Northern Hemisphere near China and Russia, has a climate that reaches extremes, both high and low. The good and bad of the climate is based upon the preferences of different individuals. There are, however, certain aspects regarding Mongolia's weather that are inherently positive or negative....(more)

The Climate of Turkey

With over 70 million permanent residents, the nation of Turkey is one of the most significant in its region. In addition to the large number of locals, many choose to visit the Middle Eastern nation each year. As with a visit to any unfamiliar location, visitors to Turkey should be wary of the climate that has defined the country throughout history. The climate of Turkey can be characterized through a number of facets, including temperature, precipitation, and general comfort level of the weather....(more)