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Latin on Their Dime

For those who seek to truly understand the roots of the English language, or any of the Romance languages, such as Spanish, French, and Italian, a good knowledge of Latin is important. And, for those who discover their love for Latin before they hit college, Latin can be a pathway to getting a college or university education for free. Or, at least, a basic familiarity with it can be a way to get some of your expenses paid via Latin scholarships. Latin students know that diligence brings many awards, and this is certainly true with scholarships. Put yourself forward for these scholarships, and find organizations ready to hand money over to you for your studies....(more)

US History

How to Scan a History Textbook for an Exam

Reviewing notes and studying for an exam can be a challenging task. Oftentimes, you have already read the textbook, and you feel burdened by having to read it once again. At the same time, the material in the book is likely to be dense, which means you will not enjoy the experience of reading through it more than you have to. However, there are tips in this article that you can read about and can help you understand how do you scan a textbook when studying for an exam....(more)

Eight State Symbols of South Carolina

South Carolina is one of the 50 states of the United States of America. South Carolina's capital is Columbia and its two-letter abbreviation is SC. South Carolina was named for King Charles I and was one of the original thirteen colonies. As with all the states, South Carolina is represented by many different state symbols. Here are eight interesting symbols of South Carolina....(more)

QED: Definition And Usage

QED stands for the Latin phrase 'quod erat demonstrandum,' though it is most frequently seen today in its shortened form. This abbreviation can be found after philosophical arguments and mathematical proofs as a way of marking the conclusion of a truth. There is no translation for this term in the English language so it is used in its Latin form, though there are many languages that have interpreted this phrase. These interpreted phrases are still used to mark the end of the proof and are used in an abbreviated form as well. For example, in Italy the term has translated to "come volevasi dimostrare," which is shortened as CVD when used in mathematical equations....(more)


Things You Should Know About the Trojan War

The Trojan War may have been the first war ever to be recorded and was one of the most important events in ancient history. Writers and poets of the time combined historical events with mythological ones, and according to many sources, the Greek gods played a major role in the war. Since the recounting of the war was first passed down by oral tradition, some of the Trojan War facts have become obscured over the years. Many scholars believe that the Trojan War lasted from about 1194 B.C. to 1184 B.C. and that the location of ancient Troy is in modern day Turkey. Read on to learn a few basic and well-accepted facts about the Trojan War....(more)

Heroes of the Trojan War

According to legend, the Trojan War was one of the largest and most dramatic conflicts of ancient history. Whether it really happened or not, the best picture of how it happened is Homer's epic poem, the Iliad. Who were the men who fought in this great war? While many soldiers filled the thousand ships launched from Greece, a small number of heroes played the largest role in the Trojan War. Each hero of the Trojan War was a nobleman of the Bronze Age, who ruled over the other soldiers by the right of his skill in combat. These heroes had trained their entire lives for battle and would have been better equipped and more thoroughly trained than any common soldier....(more)

The Ionian Revolt

Violence is an act that has defined the human experience. War has helped to create scenarios in which violence was required. In most cases, violence would be the cause for ending the reign of some of the most powerful kings of ancient civilizations. The Ionian revolt against Persian rule lasted six years. The revolt was the cause of irreparable damage to both the land and people who lived during this period. Thus, read on to learn more about the Ionian revolt and its effect on the world's history of war and violence....(more)